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Children are our most valuable and valued resource. At Watoto Wema Centre, we see the promise and potential in every child. A dynamic leader in child welfare since 2004, we are one of the premier non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children.

We provide exceptional programs and services to support children in need and strengthen families in Nairobi and beyond. Our programs are shaped by years of experience, a strong mission, and a commitment to meeting the changing needs of families in today's complex world.

Our programs help to prevent or address the unique challenges facing our most vulnerable children. We work to find best solutions for all the children we serve, supporting them when they remain with their biological families or when they must leave home. Watoto Wema Centre's core services are:

Shelter, Education, Medical care for OVC's and Feeding.

  • Our Vision: facilitate total care to orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Our Mission: To provide children with their basic needs, education and re-integrate them back in the community with the needed support to self-sustainability.