Education Support







Watoto Wema Centre supports children education from the age of 3-23 yrs old.

All children in Watoto Wema Centre go to school. We have a small school in the premises of Watoto Wema Centre where children in the age of 3-10 yrs learn in small classes of max. 7 children per class. This is enable them to get the one on one attention from adults that they so miss with growing up in a children’s home. From here they join a nearby public Primary school

After Primary school the children will go to high school or follow a short vocational training after which they can seek employment. After high school the children will get the opportunity to go to college or university so that they can stand on their own in the community.

Watoto Wema Centre Supports:

  • Early Childhood development,
  • Primary and Secondary Education,
  • Vocational trainning.