Medical Care







Heri Wema Health Centre is a medical facility where both the children of Watoto Wema Centre as well as the members of the community can receive quality and affordable Health Care. We have a general Practitioner who sees patients and treat them after establishing what the patient is suffering from. We have an up to date laboratory where several test can be concluded as to establish the right diagnosis, and thereafterr prescribe the right treatment.

Heri Wema Health Centre has a Pharmacy where medicines prescribed by the doctor can be bought, as to ensure the patient goes home with the right medication and is informed about the right dosage.

We also have a ante-natal care and well-baby clinic where pregnant mothers receive quality medical care and good advise during this sensitive time in both the mothers life as well as the life of the unborn baby. After the baby is born the mothers will come back every month for well-baby clinic where they receive advise over the care of their new born babies, the growth and development of the babies will be closely monitored and the babies will receive all their vaccinations at the right age.

 In the future we also hope to operate the maternity wing and have an admission room for children. The children will be admitted near their homes which enable parents and guardians to visit their children daily.

 The Health Centre also provide all the medical care to the children in Watoto Wema Centre and the dedicated medical staff make sure all the children take their medication on time and also finish the full treatment until the child is totally well.