Watoto Wema Centre rescues children who are in need of protection. we carry out a reintergration program that reunites children back into the society.

While staying in the Centre, we provide them with holistic services such as:-


All children in Watoto Wema Centre are going to school. We have a small school in the premises of Watoto Wema Centre where children in the age of 3-10 yrs learn in small classes of max. 7 children per class.

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Health Centre

Watoto Wema Centre has its own health Centre, called Heri Wema Health Centre, where the children get quality health care services within their compound from qualified medical staff that are well known to the children.

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The children are treated to a balanced diet and enjoy three meals a day, namely breakfast, lunch and supper.

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Guidance and Counselling

Children are guided and counseled accordingly and in regard to their stages of their growth or situations. All this is done in a religious process of guidance and counseling

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We believe children belong in families and not in an institution. Therefor we only admit children where there is no other option within their family or community, and receive support from there. The Centre has a well laid down exit strategy in line with Intergration programme.

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