Watoto Wema Centre has had its share of varied reasons that have led to children being admitted in the Centre. Due to the rights and privillages accorded to our Children that are enshrined in the Kenyan laws, we are not going to disclose their names but rather we will list a few major cases that led to some of the children to the Centre.




Most of the Children who were first admitted to this Centre was as a result of the Deadly HIV/AIds virus that ravaged our country from 90's and early 2000's and had no control due to lack of antretrovirus. Many parents lost their lifes due to high infection levels in the law in come earners.


Assaulted children


Some children have been brought to the Centre after having been physically assaulted by their close relatives. A girl who is now 12 years old, was burned on her arm by the would be mother 9 years ago. A four year old boy suffered in the hands of a relative pressumed to be her mother who burned him ruthlessly on his body and broke his left arm. the former was found with a two week old fresh wound and the Centre took care of her medical bill while the latter was treated at a national refferal hospital before being admitted to the Centre.


Abandoned Children


Cases of abandoned children are on the rise in kenya and other african countries, as a result of this, the Centre has expirienced admission of abandoned and lost and found children than HIV/AIDs related cases. this is so because of high cost of living, cultural beliefs and unwanted pregnances.