Corporate Partners for Kids

Supporting kids isn't just a good idea, it's good business.

Corporate Partners for Kids builds mutually beneficial relationships between your business and the children.  

The commitment to understanding community support from a business perspective is what sets us apart from other non-profits. By matching your company's goals with one or more of the centre's many partnership options, we can ensure a partnership that is good for both children and your business goals.


Benefits of corporate partnership with Watoto Wema Centre:

  • Build your business while building the community
  • Increase customer loyalty and develop new customers
  • Improve employee relations by involving employees in your company's philanthropic program
  • Use your donations efficiently and effectively to improve the lives of children
  • Receive recognition in print and online materials
  • Differentiate your company through affiliation with Watoto Wema Centre,the charitable children organization that is Non-profit making.

Creating a new partnership is easy and rewarding. Your support will help to fulfill the promise of every child in Watoto Wema Centre. If you are interested in learning more, click here.