Support Children

The statistics cannot be ignored.

In Kenya, AIDS has claimed over 1.5 million lives, and it is estimated that more than 3 million people are HIV infected. The epidemic has had an adverse effect on children, and it is currently estimated that 11% of children aged bellow 15 years are orphans. one in three children is waking up every day in poverty and some do not have a permanent place to call home. majority of them are victims of child abuse and neglect. Three in five children lack medical care and are not ready for their first day of kindergarten.

This affects not only the future of these children, but all of us.

This situation for our children must be eradicated. At Watoto Wema Centre, we are working to reverse these startling trends. Nothing ensures a child’s success like the support of a loving and nurturing family and engaged community.

Through our comprehensive programmes of care, we meet the most critical needs of our vulnerable children by providing services that they would otherwise lack if left on their own . Our efforts are devoted to six goals that improve the well-being of children and families:

  • Keeping children safe and secure
  • Providing worldclass medical care
  • Building nurturing and stable families
  • Proving educational facilities
  • Fostering effective parenting
  • Developing social and emotional competence

As we work together, we will get one step closer to creating a world where children are healthier and families are stronger, building a strong foundation that will lead to engaged communities. By investing in our children, we are securing a better future for generations to come.
With your help, we are making a difference, one child at a time.


Warm regards,

Wasilwa Lusweti
Watoto Wema Centre